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In London

July 17, 2009

Rain and more rain. I keep wanting to like England but it’s not an attractive place. I’ve been here enough times to have seen the sun, and even then…Mostly it just reminds me of Boston. Curiously, some of the people I like most in the world have moved here and love it (kind of like Wesleyan–terrible place, lots of good people). I am here with them this weekend.

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  1. jlk permalink*
    July 17, 2009 2:45 pm

    the comparison with boston strikes me as specious. on the surface the two have many similarities: an abundance of moronic punters; an architecture style that’s marked by an odd mix of the old and new; deep-seated racism; long-standing liberal traditions which mask undercurrents of conservatism; and the historical presence of a seething irish underclass.

    boston is also, of course, a vision of the old world in the new, the name itself deriving from a lincolnshire village.

    wait, what was my point exactly?

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