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Top Cities

July 18, 2009

Jay has dozens of travel guides in this house and I’ve been reading them early in the morning before the house begins to stir (but not before construction begins in the courtyard below).  I’ve been thinking a lot about why I don’t like London all that much and what makes a good/great city. I’m putting together a list of my favorite cities. The rankings are based on the following (in order of importance): food, natural beauty, architectural beauty, safety, quality of public transportation, friendliness, access to beaches/lakes, and nightlife. The list is clearly limited to my travel experience which in turn is limited to Europe and the Americas. In anycase, here we go:

Top ten cities:

1. Amsterdam:

Best part: Bikes/Maoz falafel

Worst part: rain

2. Copenhagen

Best part: Orderliness

Worst part: Jewish New Yorkers feel short and unattractive when visiting

3. New York

Best part: public transport that runs all night

Worst part: The hipsters/businessmen, that urine smell

4. Barcelona

Best part: A swimable beach 5 minutes from the center of town

Worst part: The summer heat is too much for New York Jews to bear

5.  Istanbul

Best part: Playing backgammon by the Bosporus

Worst part: Lots of terrorism–>army in the streets–> makes me uncomfortable.

6. Florence

Best Part: Florentines

Worst Part: Hard to get around when your girlfriend takes away your motorino.  

7. Salvador da Bahia

Best part: See Barcelona

Worst part: See Istanbul (sans terrorism)

8. Berlin

Best part: A much larger Amsterdam

Worst part: The architecture is actually kind of ugly and there are bees everywhere.

9. Porto

Best part: The blue tiled houses/markets

Worst part: There are wild dogs everywhere. Porto is in Western Europe.

10. Montreal

Best part: Montreal is only three hours from Boston. This means you can go from Hell to Heaven in three hours. I also won a lot of money gambling in the casinos last time I was there. Really Montreal would be right there at the top of this list if not for the

Worst part: Fall, Winter, Spring

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  1. July 19, 2009 8:23 am

    I’m glad that you put Porto in your top 10, it’s a fabulous place. I would have found a place somewhere for Dubrovnik.

  2. Jon permalink
    July 19, 2009 3:43 pm

    You must include Portland, OR.

    Good: equidistant from mountains and sea; people’s respect for nature and love of their city; transportation system.

    Bad: Rain, but at least it’s not (usually) snow.

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