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Defending LA, one misconception at a time

July 20, 2009

LA sports fans do not have the most sterling reputation. Some of that is fair – the sight of people streaming up the aisles 3/4 of the way through a sporting event so they can “beat the traffic” has never filled me with civic pride.

However, the Beckham backlash which finally kicked off last week has warmed my Angelena heart. Beckham’s ludicrious deal to move to LA was a publicity stunt, and nothing more. He spent much of the first year injured and on the bench, and has spent the first four months of the second playing in Europe. He was so desperate to skip out on his contract he paid $3 million to miss the start of the season. Now, fair enough, the MLS isn’t exactly the class operation they’ve got over there in Italy (ha!). But that’s just insulting.

Maybe league officials bought the LA hype and thought the fans would be so awed by the celebrity they wouldn’t notice he never actually played. But not true! LA sports fans care! And the uncynical, sport-loving LA fans have wiped the scales from their eyes, seen that they were being played for fools and have revolted. With banners:


For the record, my feelings have nothing to do with Beckham himself. The English Beckham backlash was already in full swing by the time I arrived in London, so I’ve actually had a bit of a soft spot for him. (And the less said about my shameful affection for Posh the better.) And the guy that tried to run onto the field, I don’t approve of that.

Ok, I promise not to write about sports any more. It’s not seemly for a lady.

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