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Bathroom reader

January 29, 2010

I came across Al Franken’s “The Truth” yesterday while looking for something to read. While I am sure I will be disapointed by Franken the Senator, Franken the comic makes for good bathroom reading. While the book is a bit dated by now as it’s mostly a recap of the depressing 2004 election, it is funny and I came across the following.

Franken mentions how from 2003-4 The Black Eyed Peas would appear at virtually every big Dem bash to hype up the faithful. This makes perfect sense . The BEP and the Dems are a pair made in Hell: edgeless, uninspired and bad.  How could any party which so thoroughly associates itself with the BEP be any good for America? I just wish more people had known about the BEP/Dem connection before Obama. They wouldn’t be so disapointed today.

Now if the Dems are the BEP of American politics who do the GOPers trot out for their Hitler Youth pep rallies?

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