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February 3, 2010

I fucking hate PETA. I could go on for hours and hours as to why, but I’ll spare you that particular diatribe this afternoon. For today, I see signs of hope.

The UK’s Advertising Standards Agency today banned a proposed PETA ad featuring a notorious North Londoner who beat a child to death, saying it was exploitative. Which it is. But PETA’s advertising is often exploitative, so this is nothing new, and the fact that they would use the murder of a baby to further their cause really isn’t surprising. Which says something – I think it would be pretty surprising if just about any other international organisation found a good use for baby killing – so well done you for setting yourselves apart. But I digress.

The ad was to read:

Steven Barker: animal abuser, baby abuser, rapist. People who are violent towards animals rarely stop there.

So here’s the part I find hopeful: the way this is phrased, it actually seems to imply that animal abuse might be slightly less heinous than abusing babies and raping people. Not that I’m in the habit of ranking horrific acts over my lunch break, but it seems like progress for PETA to admit that animals might not come out tops in this particular trio.

Now if only they’d walk back their suggestion of milking women instead of cows…


Hello old friend

February 2, 2010

Where’s this guy been all these months?

5.7 Q4 GDP

January 31, 2010

We need some good news but this ain’t really it. 5.75% growth in ordinary times would be extraordinary. But these are extraordinary times and the numbers are ordinary. We aren’t India or China and most of that 5.7 is due to this.


January 31, 2010

A friend emailed this today. It’s very powerful. He sounds a lot like my dad, who is kind of like Sisyphus himself.

Herbert (or as they say in French and on Seinfeld: Air Bear) also had a great column today on Zinn. At 6pm it was the most read article on the NYT site. Kind of wish they wrote three pages on his life like they did for Salinger. I might lose a friend or two over this but I just don’t see the big deal about Catcher. And I’m not alone. Holden was a bit of a wet towel and boarding school horrors had/have little to do with my life. Hmp, now I sound a bit like a wet towel.

Oh Canada

January 30, 2010

This is very interesting.

If “too big to fail” is not the fundamental problem why make that the primary focus of financial reform? Is this the thinking: Canadian-style regulation is just impossible (politically)┬áto do in the U.S. so we go for the low(er) hanging fruit?

Close the borders!

January 29, 2010


Graph of the day

January 29, 2010

Puts this in perspective.

Plus much of the growth seems to be stock driven. What difference does that make? Reich explains.